Yom Kippur and Me – For Women Only!

Tapping into the Powers of Yom Kippur

with Mrs. Blima Moskoff

What is the essence of the day? And how can a woman, whether in the beit kneset or in the privacy of her home, relate to this holy day and ensure herself and her family a good year ahead?

Join us for a profound yet practical shiur in the home of Mrs. Heidi Borowitz, Yahalom 39 apartment 4 on Sunday, September 20th, at 8:30 PM

Donation would be welcome.

Mrs. Moskoff, a resident of Kiryat Sefer, is a graduate of the Boston University School of Education. She is a teacher on Family Purity and Shalom Bayit, as well as a writer, editor and translator. Above all, she devotes herself to her husband and children, doing her best to bring out the best in them.