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  • Rabbi Elazar Grunberger
    Rabbi Elazar GrunbergerFounder and Senior Director

    Born in Ohio and raised in El Paso, Texas, at age 16 Elazar Grunberger received his FCC license with endorsements to become one of the youngest Top 40 professional radio DJs in the United States. After attending the University of Texas at El Paso, the former DJ arrived in Jerusalem in 1976 and never looked back. Nine years later, Rabbi Grunberger received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Noach Weinberg and Rav Nissim Karelitz, and that was just the beginning.

    When Rabbi Elazar Grunberger made aliya with his family in September 2011, he brought over 30 years of experience at building Jewish communities with him. Rabbi Grunberger spent over 25 years as the Director of Aish HaTorah St. Louis involved with all aspects of outreach, teaching, and developing the programs. During that time, Rabbi Grunberger also served as the Rav of the U. City Shul and the Beth HaMedresh HaGodol Sha’arei Chesed Shul in St. Louis for fifteen years.

    With tireless energy matched by his passion for the Jewish People, Rabbi Grunberger serves as the Founder and Director of Lev Modiin and Lev Echad outreach network. He and his wife, Rebbetzin Brocha, are parents to ten wonderful children with adorable grandchildren residing on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, Rabbi Grunberger lives in Modiin with his family where he tries to find an hour to play tennis once in a while.

    Israel Phone: 050-405-5521

    Israel Office DSL American line: 314-594-0606

    USA cell/VM: 314-229-5600

  • Rebbetzin Brocha Grunberger
    Rebbetzin Brocha Grunberger

    Rebbetzin Brocha Grunberger is the youngest of four children born to Holocaust survivors. Despite everything that they had gone through, Brocha’s parents wanted her to have a Jewish education so much that they sent her from Rochester, New York to Cleveland, Ohio. That heroic commitment to Jewish values and continuity became the cornerstone of their daughter’s outlook ever since.

    Brocha graduated from Yavne Teachers Seminary in Cleveland under the direction of Rebbetzin Chaya Usband, going on to tutor and counsel at Neve Yerushalayim in 1980. After marrying her husband and moving to St. Louis, Rebbetzin Brocha served as a teacher at Bais Yaakov St. Louis as well as teaching classes for adults, teens, and learning individually with community members for 27 years.

    Rebbetzin Brocha’s genuine humility and caring touch everyone who meet her. The proud mother of ten children and many wonderful grandchildren, she lives in Modiin with her husband and family.

  • Vickie Lecy
    Vickie LecyAdministrative Assistant

    Vickie Lecy began working as a volunteer for Aish HaTorah in St. Louis in 1994 after having attended a Discovery Seminar. She was a single mother raising two young sons with little time to even think about anything other than making ends meet and carpooling to the next soccer game. After attending the Discovery Seminar, however, she began going to Torah classes during her lunch hours and almost every evening. In 1997, Vickie became a regular employee of Aish St. Louis where she worked with Rabbi Grunberger for the next 9 years. She married her husband, David, in 1998 and together they made aliyah in 2006. The Lecys have lived in Kochav Yaakov and Ramat Beit Shemesh, and never stop missing their children and grandchildren, all of whom still live in the midwest U.S.

    Email: vickie@levmodiin.com

    Phone: 054-948-0909

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